Summer activities

Tourism in Krkonose Mountains

Rokytnice - Harrachov - Rokytnice

A great undemanding tour for the whole family. You can take a bus along the Jizera River to Harrachov. Get out in the centre (the penultimate stop) and if you don’t want to wander around the town, head for the funicular to Devil’s Mountain – at the ski jumps. By taking the funicular you pass the only climb on the route and you can continue at an easy walk following the blue trail to Studenov and from there to the right along the yellow trail back to us. MAP

Rokytnice - Source of Labe river - 23 km - 8 Hrs.

On foot – slightly demanding. To Horní Rokytnice, take the funicular and then follow the blue trail to Ručičky, turn right and follow the green trail to Dvoračky and then along the red trail past Růženčina zahrádka to the foot of Kotel and the green trail (Pančavská louka) and the yellow trail to Pramen Labe.

By car - easy. To Horní Mísečky, along the yellow trail to Zlate navrsi. Past Pancavsky vodopad (waterfall) and Labska bouda all the way to the source. MAP

To the "Fallen Patriots"

A beautiful walk down over a hill to Vilémov and the Jizera River. Climb towards Havírna to the junction at Na Perličku. Here you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view and then walk down to the monument to the Fallen Patriots at Paseky. Before the church turn right and follow the cemetery wall back to Dolní Rokytnice. MAP

"Relaxation" - to aid digestion or in the early evening

A short one-hour walk through the cottage area called “Hranice” and back.