What is the distance to...?
the centre from the bed and breakfast it is only a 20 minute walk
Around 1km to the STUDENOV ski resort
while the HORNÍ DOMKY ski resort is 4km away. A skibus is available in the winter season. The stop is 5 minutes away by ski over the meadow down towards the main road.
10km by car to Harrachov, 6km on foot to Certova hora (Devil’s Mountain)
to the nearest restaurant - 20 minutes to the square
to Spring of Labe River - 13 Km
Can I take my own appliances with me into my room?
For safety reasons this is unfortunately not possible. Please leave your electric heaters, bread makers and coffee machines at home.
Check-in & Check-out
The rooms are prepared for you from 3:00pm on the date of your arrival. If you happen to arrive earlier, you can leave your things in the common room until your room is ready for you. On the day of your departure I ask guests to vacate their rooms by 10:00am at the latest.
Shortening your stay
It keeps raining; there is not enough snow; we injured ourselves while skiing; my husband is ill. We want to go home. Unfortunately this does happen sometimes. This is however a fact of life that I cannot be responsible for as host and therefore I cannot make any refunds in the event you wish to shorten your stay. Therefore I recommend that you arrange the appropriate holiday cancellation insurance with an insurer that offers this type of insurance. Thank you for understanding.
Can we bring a dog or cat with us?
You must arrange a stay with a dog with us in advance. Personally I have nothing against this. The only issue could be the other guests who will be spending their holidays here at the same time as you. Not everybody is enthusiastic about pets. This means that I cannot either categorically refuse or welcome your stay with your dog or cat without conditions in advance. There is also a charge of CZK 150 per day, without dog food.
I am a motorcyclist or cyclist.
Then you are most welcome, too. Your diabolical machine can rest in a lockable garage. There is of course no charge for this! My reward will be the roar of your engine as it starts. The situation is, I have to say, worse with cyclists. In this case I will have to be satisfied with a good feeling :-)
Recommended routes for sightseeing whether on a motorbike or bicycle are available for you here.
How can I make a reservation?

1) Please fill in the form. I will always provide written answers to your questions to the email address you provide in the form. I will prepare a price offer for you within 24 hours. The calculation will contain the number of offered rooms and the final price, and there are no hidden charges.

2) If you like the offer, send me back a binding order and I will issue you with a deposit invoice. For a stay of 7 and more nights the deposit is 30% of the total for the ordered stay. For a shorter stay of 2 to 4 nights the deposit will be 100%.

3) The invoice also includes the cancellation conditions – namely until when and under what conditions you can cancel your stay and request a refund of your deposit. With the payment of the invoice and the appearance of the funds on the bank account your reservation is confirmed and you can look forward to your stay here.

4) Reservation via authorisation of your payment card: you will be sent an accommodation voucher by mail. On it you fill in the name of the holder and the number of the payment card, the validity date and signature. The best method is to scan it and send it back. An amount equal to 30% of the cost of your stay will be deducted from your card. If your bank does not authorise the payment due to lack of funds or incorrect details, your reservation will not be valid. I will immediately inform you of this situation by mail. The remainder of the amount is to be paid on the day you arrive.